Hello, welcome to my website! I’m Eveline, 28 years old, passionate about food and everything alive. I studied at Wageningen University, where my goal was to learn about reducing the meat consumption. After years of learning about theories however, I made the switch to becoming a vegan chef. Same goal but different approach, and it suits me so much better. I’ve been cooking professionally in several vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout Europe. Right now I’m self-employed, cooking for groups or doing short-term jobs in awesome places. I love it and I’m always looking for new opportunities!


Did you come here because you need a chef for your event? You’ve come to the right place! I’d be happy to cook for you, and don’t mind traveling either. I’m based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. But I have a van which can bring me to lots of places. So please do contact me if you have collaboration in mind. You can reach me at contact@evelinecooks.nl

Some info about my work: I can cater for small and large groups. Right now, I have the materials to cook for about 300 people regardless the location of the event; I have my own gas burners, pots and pans and all the other needed supplies.


The past five years I have been working on a cookbook: “Vegan around the world”. It is almost ready to go into the wide world! For now, the printed version will only be in Dutch. By the end of this year, there will be an e-book both in English and Dutch. Pre-orders can be placed in the webshop.

By pre-ordering a book, digital or printed, you support me enormously by contributing to the print costs of the first edition!